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Firm SARADEN d.o.o.

SARAĐEN d.o.o. - Stankovci

Dubrava kod Tisna

We take full responsibility for the given trust

SARAĐEN d.o.o - Stankovci
is a leading construction company in both Šibensko-kninska and Zadar County< specialized in all kinds of construction work, mainly in excavation, organizational structure and facilities projects realization.

Administration and logistic centre of Sarađen d.o.o. is located in Dubrava kod Tisna to be near the production unit which is indeed important, meaning personal contact, credibility and reliability with our clients.

Professional guidance and project organization is an importan factor for efficiency.  Our Sarađen d.o.o. team, along with years of experience in conducting construction projects, has best knowledge of construction standards and appliance of gained skills.

Choosing our company's employers we accented to them the importance of new ideas and thinking in construction industry, as well as the possibility of further education and personal development. The results of such an attitude is an expert team which is completely specialized in covering all our particular units and satisfying our buyers' needs.

Sarađen d.o.o. is successful in joining together the units of the quarry, concrete production, asphalt unit and construction unit, thus creating a firm ground for solving even the most complex construction projects.

With continuous improvements in developing our business, we contribute by all means in maintaining our field of work in progress, trying to fulfill the specific claims in construction industry today. Competence, flexibility and reliability with our clients, employers and our partners present the main characteristics of Sarađen d.o.o.
SARAĐEN d.o.o. - Stankovci ; Dubrava kod Tisna ; HR - 22 240 Tisno
tel.: +385 / (0)22 466 559 ; fax: +385 / (0)22 466586 ;